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hello lovely! I'm ellen, i'm nineteen and I consider myself an old soul and free spirit. Also I AM SHERLOCKED. GIVE ME BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH PLZ


Okay, baby - but SHOW IT TO US!!!


Guys… guys… Imagine, one of your tumblr followers is Benedict Cumberbatch


new ways of flirtation: i shall keep drinking until you look like Benedict Cumberbatch

So I dreamt benedict bought me underwear, they were green with unicorns on lol

20. September 2014


So apparently today is the international day for elimination of violence against women, the ‘read more’ will give you an insight into my mothers fight against domestic abuse and the effects it had on my family and I. i love my mum so much and no woman deserves violence, whether it be physical or psychological…

If anybody is going through something similar i promise i am here if you need to talk and i will always listen..

Even if you don’t read it all please reblog to keep the world educated on such an important matter

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